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The D.A.C. Way is a nonprofit organization with a mission to enhance the positive development of all youth by creating opportunities for change through mentorship anchored in our core values:

Discipline, Accountability, Commitment

Our goals? Keeping kids safe and out of trouble, helping them develop confidence, responsible decision-making as well as critical life skills, and making them feel supported.


How will we achieve that? Through much needed after-school programs that strengthen their academic performance, promote good nutrition and physical activity and provide job skills and readiness training for those who have been caught up in the juvenile system.

I am a
              Role Model
We are in the business of being & creating role models!

The D.A.C. Way

The D.A.C. Way is a nonprofit organization with a mission to enhance the positive development of all youth through mentorship, focusing on education, critical life and social skills while promoting good nutrition and physical activities for a strong body and mind. 

Bus Passengers

Upcoming Projects to Fund

The unmet demand for after-school programs in Alabama is high. For every child in after-school, four are waiting for an available program. That's why we are kicking off an after-school program focused on keeping kids safe and out of trouble, developing confidence and responsible decision-making, helping them develop critical life skills and making them feel supported by promoting good nutrition, strengthening their academic performance, and providing opportunities for physical activity.


We are always looking for experts and volunteers to help us with the much needed "The D.A.C. Way 101" after-school program and YIPP, our youth incarceration prevention program. Every helping hand, every $ counts. Learn more and support our children. 

Have you RSVPed for the 2nd Annual Inclusion Basketball Camp yet? 

Everyone is welcome, free entry & lots of fun ...

Our Founder

Aubrey Reese grew up as a young kid in the Ridgecrest projects in Auburn, AL, apartment 87.


With a passion for basketball and a lot of discipline, accountability, and commitment he worked hard to break the cycle that many kids living in poverty still find themselves in today.

During his professional playing and coaching career, he always had the vision to come back and create a support system that he didn’t have growing up.


1 in 5 children in Alabama live in poverty


of all AL juvenile crime occurs during after-school hours


For every 1 child, 4 are waiting for an after-school spot


Mission: Provide opportunity for change

                               COMING SOON

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